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We offer our customers years of experience and the highest standards in aviation maintenance services with exceptional attention to safety and detail.

Annual Inspection

According to the FAA, every airplane is required to undergo an annual inspection : "no person may operate an aircraft unless, within the preceding 12 calendar months, it has had an annual inspection and has been approved for return to service by a person authorized by FAR 43.7 ." A period of 12 calendar months extends from any day of a month to the last day of the same month the following year.


To meet the above requirement every 12 months each aircraft owner is required to make inspect his airplane completely. The inspection accomplished must have at least the items of FAR 43 appendix D. Chapter 05 of each aircraft maintenance manual has many inspections checklists that meet the annual type inspection requirement.

Structural Repairs

Our structural team are sheet metal professionals who concentrate on airframe repairs and modifications. They take pride in their craftsmanship, excel in their profession, and are dedicated to your safety.


Our structural team can repair damage to your aircraft caused by:


  • Bird strikes

  • Lightning strikes

  • Gear-up incidents

  • Fuel Leaks

  • Accidents

  • Wind damage

  • Corrosion repairs


In addition, our structural team is available for:


  • Engineering modifications

  • Aircraft restorations

  • Window installations

  • Avionics modifications

  • Wing modifications

  • STC and service bulletin modifications

Propeller Balancing

At NMAS we offer RPX DynaVibe GX3 automated propeller balancing, it's a cost-effective way to eliminate the largest contributor of aircraft-damaging vibration: propeller imbalance.


The DynaVibe prop balancer precisely detects how out-of-balance your propeller is, and tells you exactly where to make adjustments, making propeller balancing easy.


Aircraft vibration is more than a nuisance – it damages the engine, airframe and instruments. Using the DynaVibe GX3 propeller balancer you can eliminate the vibration, reducing fatigue on aircraft passengers and components to get a smoother, safer flying experience. There’s no simpler, more affordable way to dynamically balance a propeller.

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